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“Rachel has supported me in deepening my practice and therefore deepening my connection to myself. She creates a container of safety and support through her genuinely amazing ability to listen and connect. Because she is not only knowledgeable, she is wise, she is able to listen and respond with intuitive guidance that hits the mark every time. Through sessions with Rachel I was able to make big decisions with my family and financial life, step into my authenticity and self expression in my career, rid myself of a codependent relationship and gain abundance, by giving me the confidence to ask for what I felt I deserved in my own coaching and breathwork businesses. Her embodiment practices have supported me in finding balance in my physical body and confidence in myself and my sexuality. I have a deep love for this woman, what she stands for, who she is and her beautiful soul. I can say without any hesitation Rachel Pringle Urb is one of the most genuinely authentic humans I know and working with her has felt like a privilege. “

- Erica Sauer - Private  Coaching

"Finding myself in a particularly dark place in my life, I was desperately searching for something to find my way back to myself.  Somehow, I stumbled across an article in Vogue on one of Rachel’s retreats and I knew it was what I needed.
I came into the retreat feeling utterly broken and I left knowing I was exactly where I needed to be. I came home with the resounding truth that whatever heartbreak, grief, or difficulties I am facing are gifts from the divine for a life more aligned with my heart and soul.  
This retreat changed the trajectory of my life, and I am so grateful to Rachel and the other women that came to the retreat with open hearts and willing to heal together.  Take the leap, it’s worth it beyond anything one could imagine." - Clair Childs


“Each day of Wild Illumination was like nothing I had ever experienced before: Rachel guided us with the most graceful ferocity, step by step, like a lover leads her beloved to the most unanticipated surprise… The ecstatic energy she gave us permission to unleash through our own skin, eyes, hearts, yoni, vocal cords made way for a the most sensual river of light to flow through the divine feminine container that she masterfully held with her own sovereign heart. 

Arming us with the tools and a torch to venture into each dark closet and abandoned corner of our own souls, she invited us to scream into the dark crystals of our heart: our obsidian shadows, our molten rage, our galaxies of yearning, our stardust of lust, our oceans of scarcity and shame… the transmutation that extended through the vibrations of our collective female consciousness unfolded through the pulsation of breath, of electricity of the heart, the undulations of our bodies dancing through time & space. 

We were alone in the black womb of no-thing,  and yet so intricately connected as in lifetimes together unfolded before our very inner-eye. 
Cracked open, poured over, melted through, shook bare, licked clean… there are no words for the cellular transformation Rachel facilitated, and that my Highest, Divine Self opened up to: the invitation and then the facilitation and journey, to experience life erotically—to unfold and break into ecstatic tears within your own self love.  Returning from this nurturing and playful container my inner child and my sultry adult are like, “yes, girl, let’s do that again!”  Thank you, Rachel, madly, deeply, truly 🌹❤️‍🔥 -Ciel 

"It is no exaggeration to say that my time on Retreat with Rachel has been one of the most important and profound experiences of my life. At so many levels, there are no words, but truly, this has been an opportunity and gift to expand and grow into the fragrant depths of self-love and acceptance as never before. My body and soul are still resounding with the gratitude and peace and devotion I have been able to discover within myself. And quite simply, having experienced many workshops before, I could not imagine being able to traverse and explore the depths of being in such a safe and loving and fun and intense way with anyone other than Rachel. She is the kindest, fiercest, sweetest and most beautiful honest loving truth teller and embodies everything she teaches; her very being is the witness and sacred altar of the goddess that we are all seeking in our becoming. I love her so very much and felt nothing during this whole week, but love and acceptance and joy and support and permission from Rachel. If anyone has a chance to work with her and spend time with her, then my whole hearted advice is just do it!!" -Clair Hills 

"I arrived at this retreat in the jungle hosted by Rachel full of fear. Fear of opening up, fear of men, fear of being vulnerable and meeting a group of women I didn’t know.

To share the story of my biggest breakthrough I have to share that I wanted to leave the first day because my fear was so strong. Something in me told me to stay with it and I did. I then opened up to the group because Rachel made me feel so safe, seen and heard that I could and it changed everything. I was met with love, with compassion and my whole experience from this moment changed my world.

I became so aware of my beauty, my wisdom, my body, my emotions that I was able to be with myself so deeply and let go of all the past experiences I had that stopped me from having the life of freedom I so desired. My heart cracked open in one of the pyramid breath sessions, my fears melted away 🤯 The insights I had for my future afterwards made me change my whole career. From branding designer to Somatic movement healer, I’m now living a whole new life, thanks to this very moment.

I am now living my purpose and passion and Rachel gave this gift to me because of her own loving kindness and dedication to every single one of us that turned up at that retreat.

I am now invested in everything that Rachel does because her commitment to awakening our divine nature in a nourishing space is so profound I find it hard to find the words to even explain all my experiences.

Online her teachings are expansive but in person it’s a whole new level. Her retreats are like nothing I’ve ever experienced and whole heartedly encourage anyone with a desire to connect and heal themselves on a deeper level to go and experience Rachel’s magic. You won’t be disappointed 🙏🏻✨

I love you Rachel! Everything you have ever done for me will never be forgotten. I will hold it in my heart as the gift I needed for the rest of my life. I’m forever grateful for you ❤️" - Khrissie


"Attending Rachel's Retreat was a profoundly beautiful experience I will always hold near and dear to my heart.  Rachel created such a powerful safe container which allowed me to be completely vulnerable.  The arc she created through her rituals stripped me raw and allowed for healing and acceptance.  Witnessing this amongst the other woman as well was such a beautiful sisterhood.  I left feeling more embodied, more empowered and more love for all parts of myself.  I know the tools I am taking home with me will serve me for the rest of my life on my journey of discovery.  I am deeply grateful for how much love she pours into her purpose, her authentic transparency creates such a safe sacred container that hold everyone. " -Megan 

"Being an Embodiment Teacher and Mentor myself I first came to Rachel because I was feeling creatively stagnant and wanted to move deeper into my self-expression… The journey Rachel took me on entailed a profound unlocking of my inner creatrix, better results in my business, initiations into deeper devotion and deep beautiful shadow work. Rachel holds space in a way that is 1000% aligned with truth and love, just like I want it ;). She doesn’t sugar coat and she never judges. Few people can hold that kind of precise frequency of healing and transformation. Rachel is wise, truly embodied in that which she teaches and so god damn fun! She teaches integrity, creativity, sensuality, sexuality and much more in a way that led me to expansion, freedom and a deeper trust in my feminine radiant heart. We laughed, I cried, I got my mind blown by the delicious shadow work and my ass whooped (in the best way) into owning my experience and creations.  Rachel also introduced me to her and Johanns Breathwork method ”Pyramid Breath” which changed my life as I was going through a really challenging passage in my life beginning of this year. Forever grateful for your presence, deep embodiment and tools, Rachel!" - Hanne-Lina - Private Coaching

“I’ve been working with Rachel since January of 2021 and she’s been an absolute Godsend. I came to her wanting to reopen my heart, fully embody my divine feminine power, and begin the process of calling in my King. I had been following Rachel for over 5 years and everything in me knew that the time was now to really make it all happen. She embodies what she teaches and has the conscious partnership I feel that we all yearn for; so she teaches from a place of knowing. As a Coach myself, working with someone who also walks the walk and values integrity was super important for me. I feel so seen, heard and understood by her. It’s really special having worked with someone for so long and to receive this genuine high level of support. If you feel aligned with her energy you will not regret investing in yourself through working with her. The work is not easy, but it’s so worth it. Rachel, to say that I’m grateful for you is an understatement. Thank you for pouring into me and helping me expand into greater levels of love and clarity.” - Sophie Kish, Mindset and Business Master - Private Coaching

“Working with Rachel was without a doubt the best financial investment I made of 2020. She is a profound embodiment of the 'work hard, play hard' notion and is an absolute master of her craft. I want to put the way Rachel held space for me aside for a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the opportunities I have had to witness this woman live her life in absolute pleasure. Working with Rachel just on the surface gave me the assurance that YES! it is possible to curate your life to look however the fuck you want it to and to find deep, sensual pleasure in every moment if you dedicate yourself to your self worship. Now that's just the tip (we love a sex pun) of the eye opening experience I had with this Angel anchoring heaven on earth. She held space for me in a way I have never experienced. She encouraged me to keep pursuing my goals, to be realistic and thoughtful & so much more, all the while I felt her appreciation for our time spent together reflected directly back at me in true mirror form. Rachel is organized & punctual, she encourages without pushing too hard, and she loves what she does and it can be felt to the core of your being. If I had unlimited funds I would have a session with Rachel every week of my life just because she is such a strong, unwavering reminder of all of the possibilities life has to offer & that is hard to come by. Thankfully with all of her variations in offerings, (many of which I've taken part in) at all different price points, she is introducing so many women into her level of awareness and I truly believe that Rachel has the power to change lives & the world. She changed my life for certain. I can't thank Rachel enough for the container we created together and I plan to periodically have sessions with her for as long as she continues to offer them. I always knew I wanted to heal, help and guide others and with Rachel's guidance, I too am incredibly confident that I will make a difference in the lives of others because I trust deeply in myself and the divine that lives within me and within us all.” 
- Gabriella Khoury - Private Coaching

“Rachel is a walking living breathing permission slip of love. I have experienced many years of “self work” and never have I been so touched to my hearts core then the way I feel held in her presence.  She is a a true embodiment of fierce joy,  pleasure, and full radiant pure self loving acceptance.  She has this magnetic grace that emanates out of her, shining so brightly upon you, you cannot help but find the beauty and power in yourself. She shares effortless gifts of giving you the tools to unlock your own belief, courage and faith within who you are, and who you are becoming, while simultaneously honoring your darkest fears. I have had the honor and pleasure of working with her in many of her different offerings and each experience is better and better! I always walk away with tears of love streaming down my face, voice raw from screaming out my emotions, body shaking from energetic orgasms, feeling so fully turned on activated in my power. That is her greatest gift, a roadmap back to ourselves, to our own hearts authentic truth. A deep knowing that we are divinity manifested, and that our body and intuition is the only “guru” we will ever need. She is the most liberated, delicious, wild, compassionate QUEEN standing in her sexual power offering you a mirror to remember your own crown.” - Ariel Celi - WILD RITUALS, WILD LOVE, The Tantra Of Life, Root Revolution

“I have known/been following along Rachel’s journey for almost 10 years now. From the moment we met my gut told me she was a supremely special person. My decision to work closely with her over the last 6 months proved that initial gut feeling to be spot on. Something I have always loved about her and her work is the safe container she creates specifically for you. If there is deep healing to be done, Rachel will hold the mirror for you. If there are glass ceilings that need busting through, Rachel will give you the tools and unwavering support to shatter the glass. There is a god/goddess within all of us that yearns to be awakened…and Rachel is unequivocally tapped into leading you there. My time with Rachel has brought me home to myself and to my infinite power in the most transformative/radical way possible. Her work is revolutionary and life changing, and I am forever changed and grateful for it.” - Jacqueline Tozzi - Private Coaching 

“Wow. I just did the final session and I am just speechless. I had to thank you again for offering this incredibly powerful technique. I have never experienced the intensity of breakthroughs that I’ve had during this three week course. It’s has been so transformative and cleansing. I truly feel like I have emerged from this course as a more healed and integrated person. Thank you for being so vulnerable and raw with us, thank you for being a vessel for the love and wisdom of the goddesses to come through, thank you for taking on the path of helping women heal their deepest wounds, and thank you for creating a safe and free space for us to find our divinity again.” - Whitney Chambers, WILD EROTIC

“HOLY  F U * K ! Rachel, Your Wild Erotic course was The Most powerful feminine energy I have ever experienced. The container you created moved more for me in one month, then I have in three decades.  You lead me through being BRAVE, vulnerable, RAW, messy and really going for it. Thank you for the profound healing and the lasting embodiment. I cannot WAIT to be with You again. With Love.” 
- Sterling Grace. WILD EROTIC

“The workshops and experiences that Rachel puts together are so potent and beautiful. By taking part in Wild Rituals and Wild Erotic, I’ve been able to tap into my higher self, dive deeper into knowing and understanding myself, as well as realizing that I am in control of my own life and pleasure. It’s been very powerful being guided through practices of breathwork and journaling and dancing in a way that I’ve never experienced before, despite doing a lot of workshops and classes prior to working with Rachel. Her expression is so creatively deep and I love the free flowing vibe of each session. I would definitely recommend her class to anyone interested in diving deep into the exploration of their pleasure and feminine nature.”


“I'm here to share with you all my gratitude for all you gave to me.  I'm a different woman, thanks to the practice you share with such deep experience and such unconditional love and passion. I've learned a lot, thanks to these rituals, thanks to the pain and the joy I've felt during these sessions.  Now I allow myself to be free, to be who I am in a closer way, like never before in my life. And I keep going in that direction, feeding it everyday. My relationship with my body has changed and finally gives an explosion of my wild essence and creativity, spontaneously, more than ever. It was exactly what I needed at this moment and I will keep following you for more and I will be grateful to you all my life. You are a magnificent inspiration for all women who search for liberation.” - Margherita Baratti, WILD EROTIC

“I joined the Wild Erotic Ritual and it was so powerful that after the first session I emailed Rachel and booked 5 more private sessions. Her deep presence and embodiment of the Goddess truly does speak for itself. The value of Wild Erotic is a no brainer- I would literally recommend this course to any woman who is yearning to be fully expressed and tuned in to the full spectrum goddess within. I’ve gained so much in the short time I’ve been working with Rachel and I’m beyond grateful to have said yes to this opportunity.” - Sarinia Bryant
Love & Relationship Coach, WILD EROTIC

“I just took the 3 week Wild Erotic course with Rachel and wow! When I first saw this course and what it was about I ignored and pulled away from it, telling myself this was not for me but as the last day for signups came I had this sudden pull to just do it. I decided to follow my guide and jumped in head first.  Once the first session began I knew there was nothing to be scared of. The container Rachel holds for us is so sacred, it feels like a warm hug! You get to be held within an extraordinary community of goddess women, united in power, love and self healing…it transformed me. My limiting beliefs have started to melt away and reveal my true powerful self. It’s been a beautiful experience. A true lesson to step into the shadows that feel scary because it’s one hell of an incredible ride!” - Khristina Farrands - WILD EROTIC, Way of The Wild Woman

“I had no idea about the history of the priestesses etc, but now during these 3 weeks the information has come to me. During the last session I saw myself in a past lives as a priestess in my full power! My question has been. “Okay where did I lose my power then?” Last night I was doing a karmic release with the dad of my twin babies, with whom I had a sexually abusing relationship, until I moved out couple of months ago. I had a vision of him being the person who raped me as a priestess and who took away my power then... that's why he could do it again and the dynamic of the relationship was the way it is. Whoaaa! Guess all the karma and baggage will need to be released in this life, no way to continue in these cycles. This was really important and one of the most painful things in my life and I finally got an answer thanks to your course and work. I'm forever grateful! ☺️🤍 I'm starting to remember who I really am and it's amazing. So looking forward to the next things you will create! Thank you!!! “

- Laura Valk. WILD EROTIC

“Just wow...I’m at a loss for words. Yesterday’s session was epic! Wild Rituals is by far the most powerful workshop I have ever attended. And I thought Tony Robbins’s UPW was life changing…This course is something every woman and girl should take part in. What a joy it would be if everyone would stand in their own sovereign power.  I can feel the light and dark energies dancing together in me. Ah Rachel, the work you are doing is so life changing, please don’t ever stop” - Laura Sobolev, WILD RITUALS 

“I cannot thank Rachel enough for offering this sacred service!  This was the most supportive course I've ever done.  In four short weeks, I feel like I know the real me more deeply than if I did another eight years of therapy.  This has been the most permission-giving, freeing experience I've ever gifted myself!  THANK YOU RACHEL, and when's the next one???!”

- Elizabeth M. DeVaughn, Conscious Relationship Psychotherapist & Coach, WILD RITUALS

“Rachel has been the most influential in teaching me how to free my soul, free my mind, and expand my heart to depths I never knew possible. As a teacher she has a gift for holding space for you and truly, deeply seeing you and providing you the exact nourishment you need. Our rituals helped me shatter beliefs that I have held onto for more than 20 years. I was conditioned to always be sweet, polite and not too loud or too much. Rachel’s embodiment practices and how she walks the walk and radiates love and unconditional welcoming has taken my spiritual journey on a magic carpet ride. I can dance wildly and unabashedly now, I can screammm and shout and stick my tongue out and shake and rattle and roll! I am liberated and in love with life and myself and she really showed me how. I’m in total reverence of this queen for all she’s so generously shared. If you get the gift to take one of her workshops, the universe is winking at you.” - Laura Villagomez - WILD RITUALS

"I have been doing healing work with the masculine for many years now, but Rachel's WILD LOVE program unlocked a part of me that needed healing that I unconsciously was blind to - the feminine. The part of me that really needed healing was the feminine divine life force that exists within me. I have operated so much from my masculine wounds and this healing program allowed me to access the sacred sensual parts of myself for deeper healing. My experience working with Rachel was a cathartic experience that cleared out so much stagnant energy allowing space for new light to come through. I since have fallen deeply in love with my body, shed limiting beliefs around love, communicate with my yoni and feel her energy, and I now have sensual/sexual practices just like I do spiritual ones. Her rituals are ones you'll take with you forever! She's a magnetic wild woman and you will absolutely leave her ceremonies/sessions transcending to new dimensions of self-love and pleasure that you never knew existed. Get ready for a body-spirit-mind fuck" - Ashley Duvendack - WILD LOVE, Wild Erotic

“Rachel's Wild Rituals was like going to the church of healing every Sunday! Before doing this course, I didn't have a specific channel to feel and release my emotions. Each ritual was designed for a purpose, and I now feel like I have a framework to move through any energy, ceiling of doubt, or limiting belief that comes up. The rituals were wild and sensual, and now after going through them, I feel so much more in my body, connected to my intuition, and alive. I believe every woman deserves to feel her own energy coursing through her body, healing herself, and bringing pleasure and juiciness to her life. I am so grateful for this course, and I would (and will ;) do it over again!! Thank you, Rachel!”
- Ashlyn Showalter - WILD RITUALS

“I was on the fence of joining Wild Rituals but I have never made a better decision than to join! Rachel is the real deal, a woman who continues to face her shadows head on to lead by example.  Week after week, she generously imparted her wisdom in a safe container of exploration for our group of women while somehow still maintaining intimacy. We journeyed through somatic practices that Rachel intuitively created for us to go deep and lovingly observe limiting belief systems to find liberation. As a group we created magic together and were held to peel back layers that I know I would not have discovered in my own practices. A profound and beautiful experience that should not be missed.” - Katie McKay - WILD RITUALS

“Thank you so much for sharing your gift of embodied and unapologetic power and beauty. You inspire me to step into my own and cultivate the person and life I truly want. Rachel’s course was liberating. Stepping out of my comfort zone, expressing deeply buried emotions and beliefs and transforming them, was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. But really, it was the mirroring in the experiences of the other women that I truly felt was the medicine. It is so easy in this world to feel isolated and personalize our suffering. However, suffering is collective and being able to alchemize this alongside women who were authentically and deeply committed to showing up was magical and extraordinarily healing.” -

Lily Robertson, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist' - WILD RITUALS

“Rachel Pringle is a Queen. I am SO lucky to have taken her Wild Rituals Course (and many others). Rachel’s practices truly transformed my life. When I first started attending Rachel’s rituals, I was experiencing so much anxiety around my body image. I was also struggling with emotional eating after being sexually harassed. I felt so worthless, ashamed and guilty.  After spending months suppressing my emotions, I fell into a depression. I tried so many techniques to overcome this (conventional therapy, exercise, breath work, affirmations, etc. ) but it wasn’t until I took Rachel’s Wild Rituals course that I truly RELEASED ALL OF THIS. Seriously, it was insane. I stopped emotionally eating and gained a sense of self-worth that I never experienced before. I felt so much lighter. It was as if I was free for the first time in so long. Everything (all the negative stories, beliefs, and thoughts) vanished. I could finally recognize the stories I was telling myself and alchemize them into power. Rachel has truly given me the knowledge, insight, community, tools, and resources that I need to overcome the challenges that I am experiencing every single day. She gave me freedom. Seriously, fucking freedom. I feel so empowered by her, even when I am not in her courses - I always think... what would Rachel do? Every time I join one of Rachel’s programs I feel so seen and heard. I literally get chills every time she talks because I deeply resonate with everything she says. Her programs have been the reason for my beautiful life transformations. Rachel should be on a stage transforming the lives of billions of women. I will NEVER miss one of her programs.  Thank you, Rachel.  I am immensely grateful for you and your beautiful gifts. We will all rise together <3 “

- Sydney McCoy - WILD RITUALS, Private Coaching

“After following Rachel and Johann on Instagram for a while, I couldn’t help but notice something different about these two. They are light, happy and open, and I found myself drawn to their energies. I wondered often what made them stand out. When I heard about Tantra of Life, I knew I wanted to take the course and learn from these two. I’m a fairly shy, closed person, and I wanted desperately to learn from them. I came to Tantra of Life already happily married, so I wasn’t using it as a “save my marriage” tool. What I didn’t know was that it would end up doing just that. Unexpectedly, my husband and I experienced a deep hurt in our relationship just after week 3 of this course. Honestly, if I had used my go-to methods of conflict resolution, our marriage could have been shattered. Instead, I decided to give these tools Rachel and Johann and given me. It made all the difference! I was brave and confident in my conversations with my husband, and he was open and receptive to everything I had to say. A serious miscommunication of stories we’d made in our heads could have seriously derailed our 12 year marriage. Instead, we’ve come together stronger than before, and have learned so much about each other that we just hadn’t uncovered before. I’m forever grateful for this course and to Rachel and Johann. Tantra of Life isn’t just for marriages in trouble. It’s there to help good marriages turn into great ones. The tools you’ll learn will help you look at your partner in a new way, express yourself openly and confidently, and grow your relationship deeper than before.” - Laura - Tantra of Life

“Wow! All I can say is wow! I am new to rituals and breath work. Like a baby bird learning to fly new. Not only did I find myself feeling safe and supported in this container and able to feel my energy and myself deeper and more intently than ever before. This space was deliciously cultivated with love and honor for all who entered. I am so thankful to Rachel for sharing her gifts, her light, her divine guidance and all that she is. If you have been wondering if this will allow you to cultivate a deeper connect with yourself, if your are open, the guidance Rachel brings will absolutely assist in your journey. Thank you Rachel from my soul to yours. I see and honor you, thank you ✨” - Selina Bomberger - WILD LOVE, Root Revolution

“Thank you both for creating the Tantra of Life Workshop Bundle, I can’t get enough of you two :). As a deep believer in “energy is everything,” I also believe that some energies simply collide beautifully and naturally. You two have been doing that for me for a while via IG and I’m so happy to see it translate and magnified once I got to be in a more real-time setting with the two of you through this workshop. You two are major Expanders for me in many ways, conscious relationships and convicted, sensual embodiment being two! Thank you for taking the time to craft this workshop consciously (the work you do together and solo comes through implicitly!) complete with take home recordings and useful, concise PDFs.” - Jackie - Tantra Of Life

Quite often in my corporate job, I find myself shut off from my feminine spirit.  I’ve spent thousands of dollars attempting to orient myself towards balance, and to become less of a manic, type-A workaholic personality.  In just four short weeks, Rachel had a profound impact on my life.  At the conclusion of Rachel’s Wild Ritual course, I felt as though I had been through years of therapy.  The work is powerful, and will move you both physically and emotionally.  The results are tangible and instantaneous.  During the first ritual, a pain in my spine that had been lingering for months dissipated, as if by magic.  After the second ritual, I found myself crying hysterically in bliss as old trauma released as memory, leaving my being free and clear.  Rachel’s openness, warmth and non-judgement inspires vulnerability from even the most reserved.  I felt connected and held during this transformational work with Rachel, and would recommend her to any woman who seeks a spiritual quantum leap.  Thanks to Rachel, for the first time in my life, I feel truly embodied in my womanhood. - Kate Ames - WILD RITUALS

“Working with Rachel has been the greatest gift, and has opened up so much within me. She powerfully embodies all of her teachings, and she has expanded my perception to know that it's possible to live a juicy, beautiful, sensual, graceful, soulful life. I learn both from the wisdom she shares, and from simply being in her presence. She also magnetizes the most beautiful women to her, I've met several true sisters in her programs, and during quarantine! So grateful for Rachel's epic work!”


The Wild Rituals course has been life changing. It was so liberating- l got in touch and stepped into the power of my femininity and sexuality like l didn’t know was possible. I feel so light, powerful, sexy and at ease after these incredible sessions with Rachel. She is a true goddess, inspiration and a woman of power. I have been on a self development journey for over 8 years now but there was still so much to gain from her teachings and guidance. I highly recommend it to every woman. I truly got in touch with my inner strength, sexuality, love, connection and higher vibrations. Rachel holds the safe place with her sincere and powerful presence and guides you through the transformation that will lift any woman’s inner world and view of herself. I truly got to value myself on a whole another level. I feel grateful beyond words and recommend this course to anyone who wishes to love themselves fully, step into their power, and experience sexuality and femininity from a deep, free and fulfilling place.

- Leisi Põldsam - WILD RITUALS

“I wanted to share how miraculous this program has been for my life. Doing this practice with Rachel during the eclipse corridor that had recently opened has completely changed so much in my life. I am SO grateful to Rachel for sharing her energy and wisdom with me. I literally signed up with my last dollar at the last minute. Since then my design company closed the biggest contract of our careers in the middle of a pandemic. I was able to launch my website and enroll one student in my meditative art practice (we are in week 4 now and I am so grateful for the ability to teach) and I am gaining clarity on the conscious business that I would like to create going forward. This has all been made possible because of my practice and my dedication to the divine and honestly without Rachel this would not have happened. I will be eternally grateful to her for sharing her magic with me and allowing me to bloom into my full potential through working with her. I cannot put into words what she has meant to me. Thank you a million times and more. - Mary Amini - WILD RITUALS

“I found Rachel during quarantine right when I was ready to dive deeper into my spirituality.  I was introduced to her Wild Woman experience that literally changed my life.  I realized the importance of breath work, total acceptance of myself, devotion to myself, and the honor and sacredness of being a woman.  Fast forward a few months later and I had the honor of joining her Wild Rituals: The Discipline of Worship.  Here is where I learned mantras that would transform me.  These rituals and mantras are extremely powerful.  So powerful that during a ritual I heard a voice say, "I've been waiting for you."  Therefore, Rachel has the power to guide you back to your true self, your higher self, and the goddess within. Rachel is nurturing, loving, and a true teacher, reminding women over and over again about the power that we carry.  She gave me the confidence to listen and trust the totality of my body, my breath, my heart, and my intuition.  I will always be thankful for Rachel, her raw teachings, and the guidance she provides.”-Denise Santiago - WILD WOMAN, WILD RITUALS

“Working with Rachel has been a life-altering experience. She is a teacher, a guide, and an inspiration. She brings a unique and adaptable skillset so that I always felt that I was getting an experience tailor-made for me.  I was brought on a journey of deep introspection facing things I had not had the strength, spirit, or know-how to bring forth without experiencing rejection and shut down of my mind and body.  Through Rachel’s lens and light I always felt I had a safe place to open up and let the dark parts we all carry out and to air them in the sun to be altered with gratitude and love— and a fair bit of sass and humor as well. Rachel has given me a gift that is immeasurable, my deep sense of femininity and vulnerability without feeling fragile or breakable. She showed me how to stand on my own with numerous practices and other tools. She also taught me that we, as women, are never truly alone if we speak our truth, stand in our power, and share our stories. She is indeed a Wild Woman and I count myself blessed to have been one of her Pack.” -Meghan O Neil - Private Coaching  

This was so amazing! I cannot truly and fully express the impact this has had and what I feel has moved in me from this! I feel like there is so much still swirling and cooking in there. Lol. Like it’s that part of making soup where you bring it down from a boil and let it simmer for hoursssss (days of soul simmer lol) things I didn’t even know I was having desires or blocks to those desires. Working with Rachel continues to be the most transformational and profound experience of my life. Not only does Rachel inspire, comfort, and encourage ME to meet MY boundaries, she supports women to coax their own boundaries and blocks to be moved and addressed in a way that is powerful and beyond what talk therapy ever did for me. In Wild Rituals, I faced a lot of my past trauma and wounding which helped me embrace the beautiful duality that is at the core of femininity. (I didn’t even know I had wounding around this!!) if you’re heart, mind, or being has an inkling of a call to work with Rachel, do it! You’re ready! And she will guide your way! -Meghan O Neil- WILD RITUALS

“Joining Rachel’s Wild Woman course and all of the potent magic Rachel shared, was the most meaningful gem of a gift I have received in so long. Rachel exudes joy, acceptance and such a goddess mother energy that you immediately feel like she is an old friend. The energetic container Rachel facilitates  allowed me and the other women to freely share in a loving and non judgmental discourse, in ways that I haven’t felt comfortable to do with even family and friends. It was so enriching to my mind and soul to receive so much knowledge from Rachel! Her teaching style is so incredible, learning to conjure my power that was buried deep within and live in full expression with her juicy and profound rituals has been life changing.  I had so many delicious realizations listening to her because she shares so much and is willing to share everything she knows and answer any question with shining honesty. Rachel helped me work through grief, shame, anger, the mother wound, how to liberate myself, just to name a few. The coursework was pure divinity, lush and detailed PDF to dive into each week that included so many practices and rituals to heal and transform. I felt truly in awe of the depth of information Rachel gifted us that will bless me for a lifetime. I thank the universe for the opportunity to learn from such a luminous being! “-Laura Villagomez - The Way Of The Wild Woman Course


“Rachel!  Holy Moly, Wowza. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I stumbled across your instagram in March and watching you and Mia do your live recordings LIT ME UP. However, being inside with my husband and feeling insecure, I would watch you ladies in my room, headphones in and would join in when I felt "ready" and "safe in the privacy of my room"Well, after a few videos I felt the veil lifting and I started to jump in and do the video with you in its entirety. THEN- another Wild Woman course went online and I felt this feeling of "Go, Claire. This is it." I was at a point in my marriage where I was seriously wondering why the hell I was still around. I felt so disconnected from not only my partner but especially myself. Your course brought up so many past emotions I had not dealt with, or rather, thought I had worked through and moved on from YEARS ago. I would start the session and think "ok, let's go here, I don't really need to but I am willing to explore", then BAM! Sobbing, guttural screams, shaking, feeling exactly where the trauma was, release and forgiveness. Oof. So good. I screamed, I cried, I laughed, I thanked myself over and over and over again. I felt Her. I felt back in my body and oh so alive again. So much LOVE and gratitude to you Rachel, I am crying just writing this. Already signed up and CANNOT WAIT for the next workshop with you and Johann. This time, my husband (happy to report we are doing well) will be joining”-Claire Alsaker- Wild Woman


"Stop asking people who haven't been where you're going for direction". This quote makes me think of how grateful I am to have crossed paths with Rachel.  Finding someone who inspires me to my core. By the way she carries herself, speaks, lives and loves. Rachel has such a divine potent way of expressing her truth and her views on life that it truly nourishes my soul.  During my program with Rachel I felt that I was SO seen, SO heard and loved for who I am, for everything I do and feel. Our sessions together made me feel that what I do in this life, both my inner work and the work I do for others is so deeply important and beautiful.   Rachel is a humble leader for women everywhere. She is the woman you can seek to evoke things within you, all that dormant powerful potential that lays there waiting for you to claim it and direct it towards your own purpose. Your true self lights up when you get near the pure powerful essence pouring out of her as she shares, holds space or educates within her areas of passion and knowledge.  I'm beyond grateful for everything I've remembered and learned when working with Rachel.” 

- Ana Maria Aro - The Way Of The Wild Woman Course


“Wow! Divine timing really is everything. This year, 2020 shook me so hard, making me look within myself like I have never done before. I felt a desire to focus on me for the first time in my life and came across this course, my intuition telling me I need to do it, and it changed my world. I have never felt so comfortable with a group of woman before, the way we opened up and shared our biggest secrets with each other was magic. I was guided to places that healed parts of me I thought were broken forever. It taught me how to love myself and be more loving to others, through the art of communication. My relationships are now stronger and my energy has shifted, everyone around me can feel it. I feel more alive, more connected and free within myself as the burden of my shadows have been lifted. Thank you Rachel for creating this space for us, you radiate so much love, you speak from your heart, you allow us to feel safe and be our true authentic selves, you made time for me outside the calls to give me guidance, you are a goddess! I will forever cherish these weeks I had with you and the amazing woman in the group, it really has set me up for a new journey, one that I wouldn’t be on without you, thank you! “-Khristina Farrands- The Way Of The Wild Woman Course


“To the woman who is searching for liberation, self-love commitment, spiritual enlightenment, trauma release both physically and emotionally, this 'Way of The Wild Woman' course is for you! Rachel is an unbelievable mentor, unlike anyone we’ve ever met in our self-healing journey. She is deeply committed to awaken all aspects of yourself throughout her teachings. She creates a sacred container for you to be vulnerable and face your shadows with a group of beautiful supportive women. Rachel’s powerful voice, wisdom and practices led us to a new way of expansion, awareness and healing. We started to live a sensual magnetic life through connecting to our bodies, discovering the power of pleasure, working on our limiting beliefs and communicating what it is we truly desire. Just like us, you were divinely guided to this moment. We are excited for your magical journey and transformation with Rachel! Enjoy Goddess!” - Twins Mila and Jel - The Way Of The Wild Woman Course


“This deep dive was everything my soul needed and more. There is nothing more healing than sharing space with like minded women, hearing your own questions, experiences and worries echoed by another person! Just that deep knowing that you aren’t alone - it’s life changing. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we smiled! It was truly wonderful and i’ve made some incredible friendships. This course guides you deeply through so many layers of yourself. It challenged me to meet a brand new version of myself! A version who is confident in who she is, is active in self-enquiry every day and is always curious to learn more about herself. This is just the beginning for me and I am so incredibly grateful to Rachel for holding this space for us, she is a pure force of nature. Deeply wise, connected to truth and the biggest ray of light!! Whilst she is a mentor and teacher during this process she also became a friend. I could not recommend her teachings enough! My heart will forever be full of love! “

- Joely Franklin - The Way Of The Wild Woman Course


“Hey y’all! I just wanted to write up a little testimonial to express what a truly life changing experience it is to work with Rachel. The first time I signed up for her Wild Woman Zoom sesh, I was so scared that I literally almost didn’t show up. But I did and baby SO DID SHE. Rachel holds space like no other.   And so began my grand experiment with embodiment. I am a student. A scholar. Very in my masculine. I spent the better part of a year studying nothing but spirituality and diving deep within myself to heal. But it wasn’t until I incorporated this crucial piece—embodiment—that I began to see real deal change in my life. It’s like Rachel opened the doors for my body to access all of the wisdom that my mind had been absorbing. In her 7-week group course, “Way of the Wild Woman,” I discovered just how real of a divide I had created between my body and mind. And through her thoughtful and patient and loving guidance/wisdom, I was able to bridge that gap. Not only that, but I was able to unearth stories that I had made up and accepted as truths. Stories that I could have sworn were real—but were deep-seated illusions developed as trauma responses to living as a woman in my body (no wonder I put up that divide, right?). Rachel helped me to discover and deepen into my practice and my commitment. And I cannot express how liberating it is to ease into a life of discovery—rather than knowing. I quite literally can feel in parts of my body that I hadn’t been able to feel before. I am more wide awake than I’ve ever been. And I am more assured than ever that every single thing is divine. I love this woman and her work. And if you are unsure about taking the leap to work with her, just know that you will be in some remarkably loving hands. You will be seen and held. And you will never be the same!” - Maggie Tatum - The Way Of The Wild Woman Course


“All I have to say is Wow! I just want to express how deeply grateful and moved I feel after concluding this course. Which really felt like having coffee with friends that allow you to feel, express your vulnerabilities and that are rooting for you whole-heartedly ❤️. A part of me feels sad and wishes it could go on forever! Thank you Rachel for your openness, your wisdom and your transparency. For hearing every question without judgement and for sharing your personal experiences with no filter. You are so inspiring and so is every woman in this group! I had a lot of breakthrough moments during this course and I am so thankful for this container, Thank you for holding space for me.” - Ana Maria Mejia - The Way Of The Wild Woman Course


When I first saw this class, something within my heart told my heart that i needed it. I had recently started to follow Rachel on Instagram and felt a deep attraction to the content she would publish. I don’t just invest in any class. I highly listen to and recognize my Higher Self communicating when it’s telling me that something is needed education wise, especially when I am investing in myself. Taking the plunge into Wild Woman was exhilarating and necessary. It brought up so much to heal and really connected me to fellow sisters who honestly bore their truth and made me feel not so alone. I was able to connect to myself deeply and associate shame in a different way than I ever have before. Rachel was raw, real and deeply honest and offered so much knowledge and wisdom. I didn’t realize how much I was still repressing. I look forward to going back to this program’s teachings before my child is born.- Tierney Eddy - The Way Of The Wild Woman Course


“Rachel - a woman with whom I instantly felt a deep connection within when I brought my senses online. Since the first practice of Wild Woman I have been allowing myself to dig deeper to self-love, self-awareness and self-consciousness. The energy is contagious and will most likely guide you to your deepest parts which are longing for love, safety, trust and most importantly - a desire to be seen. Not as a wife/ girlfriend/ friend/ relative/ mother, but just as a human and Woman. She allows the practice run through her and once you get that feeling of safe space there is no going back, you are now allowed to feel everything what once was told to be kept inside, quite, calm... Letting You express and step by step become your own biggest friend and lover ..yummy) :). This energy will be felt by the closest ones to you, welcoming more love and understanding.  My heart was waiting for Rachel, the divine Goddess who led me back to myself. I wish to all the women who take part of her journey to take the risk and move with grace.  Thank you.“   

- Demi - Wild Woman Experience


“The words are not enough to express my gratitude for you Rachel. Wow, this experience was wild! I feel healed, I feel understood, I feel accepted. I really felt I received my natural power and released all tensions and limitations that have held me back from being assertive, courageous and confident being myself. I feel there's nothing holding me back anymore. Thank you so much for doing it! “ -Kätlin - Wild Woman Experience


“This was my first experience with Rachel facilitating this virtual juicy portal. She sure is a bright Positive Pringle. I loved my experience of her energy, I felt supported, held, witnessed and elevated. I had a big release from deep within, it started with her gentle words and carried over throughout the practice. The breathing techniques she uses are powerful and effective in helping to move energy in the body, old energy is what it felt like, something that needed to be pushed out and released.  I have been doing a lot of shadow work, this felt like it was getting to the nooks and crevices of my being where shadows can hide. You will be moved from the inside out, you will be challenged to stay the course, but her gentle voice is encouraging and guides you all the way through. I felt lighter, grounded in my heart center, juicier in my yoni and supported by the collective of all the brave women who showed up to do the work.  I encourage you to dive into this experience. Be brave, try something you have never done, you will witness yourself in all your glory. I am so on board to challenge myself with Rachel’s support and l am looking forward to experiencing the magic of those rituals and techniques that she shares. You can feel that Rachel speaks from her own experience of working with these rituals. You can feel the authenticity in her voice and in the ease of her instruction. Rachel I appreciate you holding space for us. I appreciate being on this particular journey with your support and love. Thank you beautiful Goddess. “ -ZeinaBliss - Wild Woman Experience


“I wanted to express my deep gratitude to you for this Way of The Wild Woman Immersion. I was re-reading the intentions I spoke aloud at the beginning of this journey:  I Hannah Espo, am here to release shame + self-doubt, to activate, play and ground into my divine feminine and masculine power. I feel as though I have done just that and more. From expressing my own truths within these sacred sisterhood circles, while hearing the open, honest, + vulnerable experiences of the radiant sisters and of yourself, to receiving your divine wisdom. I now have so many tools and practices to connect deeper to knowing, seeing, and fully loving myself. Thank you for shining your light, for your authenticity, and for beautifully holding space to allow women to simply BE as they are right now.  So much love “ -   Hannah Espo - The Way Of The Wild Woman Course

“I just wanted to reach out to say thank you, thank you THANK YOU! I have had such a whirlwind 3 years of my life. In short I have moved countries, divorced, and started a new life with only 2 of my three children on my own. I hit my rock bottom 2018 and started my journey of recovery from addictions (men, sex, food, exercise to name a few) of which has helped me immensely. However I was starting to feel a little stuck and my children left to be with their dad for the summer and that evening I found you. I have now been doing a daily practice of breathwork and dancing and I can’t express how amazing I feel. I downloaded your wild women recording and then joined the live one last week. It was so freeing, beautiful and healing.  I danced for many years of my life from the age of 3-16 and when I was being bullied at school I would come home, close the curtains and dance it out! Then I became a mother, a wife, a business owner and I forgot how to dance. Until you reminded me. I have had so many revelations over the past two weeks. Thank you Beautiful Soul for being the shining light that you are and showing us all a new way to live.  “ - Melissa - Wild Woman Experience

“Every week for the 4-week program, I was provided with a beautiful packet of information that clearly guided me through the processes for the week. Taking the time each week to go through the practices was deepening, strengthening, and empowering. So many beautiful and power shifts happened during this time and I am in LOVE with all - including feeling more in love with myself. I even go back to the recordings and watch them again! Thank you Rachel for creating this space and coaching us through the process.” -Allison Hughs - The Way Of The Wild Woman Course

“Rachel is one of the most incredible leaders I have ever had the pleasure of coming across in my life! The power is potent. She channels deep deep wisdom and enlivens your cells with her voice, direction, and presence. It's a full encompassing embodied class led by an exceptionally articulate embodied woman! She creates a safe container with clear direction and invites an otherworldly willingness to explore the deepest parts of yourself - the pride, shame, sexuality, fierceness, wisdom...This is an experience unlike any other. There's no holding back. Wow, what freedom comes from fully immersing yourself in the ride - the stillness, the weeping, the screaming, the pleasure. Coming from a background of dance, then yoga, this practice lets me feel free and wild without the constraints of choreography or sequences, but instead moving from intuition. And it gives my voice a space to express! What a beautiful way to move through breathwork, meditation and intention, sensing, movement, voice activation, and community. Sisterhood without the social ties of friendships if you may. I can't wait for the next one. Though, this is such a deep and intense practice that I took a whole day to recalibrate afterwards. Most highly recommended. Take the risk, and be transformed. “ - Lara Nixon - Wild Woman Experience

“Rachel - WOW..I wasn't sure what to expect for my first Wild Woman but it was one of the first times I've ever been able to release like that (for sure in a group, but even alone). I've been blocked and holding onto a lot in my throat and chest and whatever you've learned as far as setting up a ritual for releasing and embodying you fucking nailed it (at least for me). I'm already so grateful and I can't wait to do more. I haven't been able to hear what my body's been telling me (or trying to tell me) and I heard it so clearly, it's really crazy. I feel like I got in touch with something and I'm so grateful. Thank you thank you thank you.” -Laura Levinsohn - Wild Woman Experience

“Thank you so much for the incredibly safe and powerful container of sisterhood you created in Wild Woman. It was a sacred experience. Yesterday evening, a few hours after the gathering, my husband and I got into a disagreement. I feel that the opportunity to address conflict, to speak clearly from my embodied perspective, to shed tears with him, and to feel into my goddess energy while discussing the situation with him, was a direct result of the work I was able to do in the Wild Woman container. As my husband and I were able to work through our differing perspectives, we ended the evening in the bedroom, where again, the energy & wildness I cultivated in Wild Woman informed the quality and fire of our love-making. Yes! I can see direct and immediate results from the guidance you shared with us and I am so grateful to have these tools to deepen my own daily practices and connection to mySelf. You are a Queen & I am so grateful to have encountered your work.”

Teresa Hess - Wild Woman Experience

“Working with Rachel in The Way of the Wild Woman 4-week course (which got extended to 7 beautiful weeks!) was a powerful and meaningful investment in mySelf. Participating in the safe container with like-minded sisters, journeying to our depths around powerful topics such as Self-Love, Sexuality, Shame & Anger, and Expression, was a healing and liberating experience. Rachel shared her wisdom and rituals with transparency and authenticity, always rooted in her deeply loving presence. This course is for any woman who is longing to connect more fully with her own sacred Self and craves support and encouragement on her journey.” -Teresa Hess -The Way Of The Wild Woman Course

“Today was powerful. The two hours were a journey, through all of the layers. Within the first few breaths during the breathwork, tears rolled down my face and they continued too. I didn’t know they were there, but the emotion wanted to be felt and expressed. It wanted to be allowed and honored. Through allowing the expression, I felt awake and alive again. I’m so grateful. Rachel held a powerful container for us and guiding us in an honest, courageous and beautiful way. I laughed, cried, screamed, broke my pillow (lol), danced, touched my body in a soft loving way, expressed my sexuality without shame and had the opportunity to feel everything that I have been ashamed or afraid to feel. It did not look pretty the whole time and that’s okay. It was deeply healing and powerful. Thank you Rachel! “ - Ashley Tully - Wild Woman Experience

"I've been called to Rachel's Wild Woman experience since I felt lots of different emotions coming up lately and I was searching for ways to really express them. The whole session was beyond powerful! Even though it was done virtually, you could feel the energy field that we created and I was surprised how easy it was for me to totally surrender and let go of all the control... I felt like my body took over and expressed itself in ways I haven't experienced before. The practice was a total purification and "coming back home". Rachel did a fantastic job of providing a safe space. Her guidance was so on point and it felt like she was channeling everything I needed to hear at that moment. I highly recommend it to every woman that is feeling trapped, limited, or diminished in any way - this will be your liberation! Thank you, Rachel!" -Taja Karner - Wild Woman Experience

“I am so grateful for Rachel Pringle’s Wild Woman Experience.  It is cathartic release.  Rachel’s deep wisdom and mastery of space holding makes for a safe container to feel alive and able to really let go.  The combination of breathwork, meditation ,dance, and the seamless way in which Rachel guides the process really allows me to use the time in the room to let go of control and trust that I am safe to express my full range of emotion.  I always leave Wild Woman feeling more me!  It helps me to remember who I am by guiding me back into my power and grace.” - Liz Marz, Transformational Coach - Wild Woman Experience

“I was visiting LA for a couple weeks from Toronto and was craving to be around like-minded women and wanting to go deeper within myself, specifically desiring to access the powerful, divine feminine. The timing of me being in LA, Rachel’s workshop and my desires could not have been more synchronistic. I had nervous butterflies leading up to the workshop; I didn’t know anyone, I’m not from LA, what will this be like, will Rachel create a safe space, will I feel comfortable to be fully free etc. Let me tell you, Rachel has a gift for creating the safest container for you to explore your emotional range. It is deeply felt how much she cares and how passionate she is about this work. I left the workshop feeling very inspired, activated and embodied. I am super grateful for this experience and highly recommend it if you’re seeking to be around bad-ass women, to re-connect with your soul, to let Go and fully Love yourself ” -Melissa - Wild Woman Experience

"Rachel is an amazing coach. She is wise, loving, incredibly smart, and powerful. In our 3-month container, she taught me practices that I am going to use for the rest of my life. Not only did she impact my relationship to my body and femininity, she has also helped me connect to my inner free, wild woman. In turn, that impacted my partnership, my friendships, and my professional life. It unlocked so much potential within me. Working with Rachel truly exceeded all my expectations. Choosing to work with her is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. She was the best guide I could have asked for. "-Laurie Briére - Private Coaching


“Rachel was absolutely AMAZING! Even though it was clear to me that many of the women were at a more advanced stage in their journey, I not ONCE felt as though I wasn't accepted/judged by Rachel and/or the group. Nor did I feel as though I couldn't express myself. I will definitely be working on the practices and hopefully take another course in the future! Receiving personal text messages from Rachel was one of the biggest surprises for me and what I appreciated the most. Rachel is genuine, down to earth, open and transparent. She is REAL.” - Emily Franklin -The Way Of The Wild Woman Course

"Rachel is a masterful coach. There are few people, especially women, who are able to access and wield that much power with such grace and effortlessness. She has snapped me out of so many self sabotaging and defeating patterns, programs, and illusions. My life would not be the same without her. I am so grateful for her capacity to receive my darkest moments without judgment and meet my pain with compassion, love, and a firm, healing hand. Rachel is here to bring the truth of femininity out of all of us." -Mia Banducci, Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Writer - Private Coaching

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