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Wild Essence

Image by Marissa Rodriguez



This retreat is meticulously crafted to seduce you into your own depths creating a transformative journey where you make love to your shadow, dance with all your parts and are guided to the throne of your essence to luxuriate in the opulence of your sensual self.

Immerse yourself in an enticing reawakening to your core, your pleasure, your erotic splendor, and your potent force, feeling it pulse through every fiber of your existence.


Harmonize with the symphony of a rejuvenated spirit. Yield to the sublime nectar of your divine nature, basking in the lush richness of your awakened, serene, and vivaciously enlivened soul.


Revel in the sheer delight of being fully alive, embraced by the euphoric dance of existence itself. This is Wild Mystery

"This retreat was: nothing short of a return to Paradise. It was a remembrance of what life should feel and be like. It was amazing, strong, interesting women from all over the world running around in magical unspoiled nature, completely free and completely safe to express everything they are - in all its depth and in oh so many beautiful ways. It was women who became sisters in an instant, laughing, sharing, screaming, crying, dancing together, playing with the peacocks underneath the carob and pomegranate trees - and doing cannonballs in the pool after the most powerful Kundalini activation. This retreat has left me: in awe of all existence. " - Nina 


A ceremony to meet your True Erotic Self -

3   Transformational Rituals designed for you to explore your innate Eroticism in a safe and sacred container.

Using the Holy Trinity - Body, Breath, Voice - together, we will clear your channels through rage practices, make friends with our shadow and explore the vastness of our pleasure to awaken and activate our life force energy.

Practice and activate your subtle body intelligence to strum the chord of your erotic pulse and creativity, creating    a symphony of surrendered pleasure. 

This is for you if you are looking to awaken your pleasure, heal old wounds around sexuality and sensuality,  activate your creativity and tap into deeper energy centers within you.

“HOLY  F U * K ! Rachel, Your Wild Erotic course was The Most powerful feminine energy I have ever experienced. The container you created moved more for me in one month, then I have in three decades.  You lead me through being BRAVE, vulnerable, RAW, messy and really going for it. Thank you for the profound healing and the lasting embodiment." - Sterling




Image by Bogomil Mihaylov


6 Transformational Rituals

When we move our body we make room for our souls truest expression to reveal itself. We stretch our container to house the continuous expansion that is our consciousness and life force energy. When we experience the magnificence of silence we can truly  receive  the messages  from   our  being, creating the space for our spirit to roam free. This is Wild Ritual.

This is a ceremonial space where we will meet our deepest power, transmute pain, discover our true essence and bathe in our radiant and sensual expression.

Feel the freedom of SELF through Sacred Rage, Embodied Self Love, Womb Healing, Cord Cutting, Activating Abundance Codes, Sexual Alchemy and Erotic Expansion.

Each individual Ritual is a full ceremonial experience. Be prepared to never be the same.  


“Just wow...I’m at a loss for words. Yesterday’s session was epic! Wild Rituals is by far the most powerful workshop I have ever attended. And I thought Tony Robbins’s UPW was life changing…This course is something every woman and girl should take part in. What a joy it would be if everyone would stand in their own sovereign power.  I can feel the light and dark energies dancing together in me." - Elizabeth




"The journey Rachel took me on entailed a profound unlocking of my inner creatrix, incredible results in my business, initiations into deeper devotion and deep beautiful shadow work. Rachel holds space in a way that is 1000% aligned with truth and love, she doesn’t sugar coat and she never judges. Few people can hold that kind of precise frequency of healing and transformation. Rachel is wise, truly embodied in that which she teaches and is so god damn fun to work with!" - Hanne-Lina

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

3  Sessions: 
1 Discourse - 2 Balancing    Rituals - 1 Self Ceremony

Have you experienced burn out?
Feeling disconnected, off, overwhelmed or anxious?
These are all signs that we are out of alignment with our true self. Our being is desiring to be plugged back in to the never ending source of love and well being that lives within us.

Wild Worship is a mystic training to return us to our innate limitless nature and ground us into the energy of self worship.
We will reconnect to our body and being through embodiment rituals that will guide you back to your own boundless source energy, activate your pleasure and creativity through sensual magic and you will also learn how to create your own rituals to go even deeper into the self and cultivate access to your own sovereign power.

“The workshops and experiences that Rachel puts together are so potent and beautiful. I’ve been able to tap into my higher self, dive deeper into knowing and understanding myself, as well as realizing that I am in control of my own life and pleasure. It’s been very powerful being guided through practices of breathwork and journaling and dancing in a way that I’ve never experienced before."  -Alexandra





 "I have experienced many years of “self work” and never have I been so touched to my hearts core then the way I feel held in her presence.  She shares effortless gifts of giving you the tools to unlock your own belief, courage and faith within who you are, and who you are becoming, while simultaneously honoring your darkest fears. I always walk away with tears of love streaming down my face, voice raw from screaming out my emotions, body shaking from energetic orgasms, feeling so fully turned on and activated in my power. That is her greatest gift, a roadmap back to ourselves, to our own hearts authentic truth. A deep knowing that we are divinity manifested, and that our body and intuition is the only “guru” we will ever need. She is the most liberated, delicious, wild, compassionate QUEEN standing in her sexual power offering you a mirror to remember your own crown.” - Ariel 

"Practice, Partnership, Passion"

A Modern Day Tool Box to Transform your Relationships.

This Course is a deep dive into     Tantric Awareness   designed    to create sustainable intimacy, passion and connection    in    relationships. Learn the sacred art of Co - Devotional Communication, how to turn contractions into expansions, ignite and sustain passionate sexual exploration,  and be fully expressed in love.

This is for people in partnership, singles desiring to call in love and for everyone looking to transform their relationship to love.

We are so excited to explore the depths of love with you.






This isn’t just an Experience this is a Path...


This  is my most sacred and intimate container where together we will reprogram your entire energetic field to serve your versus enslave you. We co create this journey so it is perfectly designed for your most ecstatic and profound opening allowing you to experience the visceral catalyzation of your becoming, moment to moment.

For those visionaries, creators, leaders and souls ready to disassemble their known universe and build from the ground up with you as the master creator and healer.

With the combined forces of The Practice, Active Tantric Ritual, Sensual Embodiment, Communication Alchemy and Erotic Self Intimacy all through the ancient wisdom of Tantric Illumination -
I guide you to the many paths that lead to the guru within you.

The is the deepest soul work you will ever do. It is not for the faint of heart but for those ready and desiring a complete metamorphosis in their connection to self and therefore all of life.


one on one



The Becoming - 6 month container 

"There is no other way to say it then, Rachel and Johann quite literally changed our life and saved our marriage. Their teachings are practical, eye opening and expansive.  The way they teach and hold a container is through effortless devotion, deep care and lived mastery - all while having a blast. Beyond grateful to have the pleasure to work with them. Thank you for the permission and the endless laughter." - Kasia and Jonas 

Image by Bernard Hermant

Couples Tantric Mentorship

with rachel             and johann

Partnership is a place of powerful, potent and profound transformation. We believe this is where some of our deepest healing lies, with the ability to feed and fuel the entirety of our lives.
It is the soil in which we plant and nourish our deepest love. Learning
co-devotional communication through embodying the language of love and sacred intimacy is an opportunity to create sustainable passion, presence and compassionate patience so that each partner can be reborn again and again, keeping your love alive and flourishing, moment to moment.

When newness and novelty fade we lean into skill and devotion, learning how to actualize being fully expressed to open you to your own truth and therefore your own pleasure.

This is our most intimate way of working together.
Couple to couple we will guide you tot the deepest truth and love in your partnership. 

Relationship    Container


“Rachel and Johann are the embodiment of what they teach. The tools and practices we have learned through working with them have helped us completely re-structure our life and our relationship, in a way I don't think either of us thought was possible. They show you a clear, deep yet fun path to deeper love, intimacy and passion. We are eternally grateful!" - James and Laura

Sand Dunes

7 Guided Journeys to Self.

Be led down a path of the brilliant unknown where you can discover new parts of yourself in the untouched meadows of your subconscious. Heal, Integrate, Embody.

     with me




I absolutely loved The Tantra Of Life! I found it was a perfectly packaged 4 part masterclass that really brought so many concepts together for me. I’ve always struggled with expressing myself and communicating in romantic relationship settings and this sheds light on what I’ve been doing wrong and how I can improve in the future. I am forever grateful for this beautiful union that Rachel and Johann have shared with us. Definitely recommend! 

- laurence lefebvre

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